Rua M. Williams


I began working as Assistant Professor in Computer Graphics and Technology at Purdue University in August 2020. I research interactions between technology design, computing research practices, and Disability Justice.

I earned my PhD in Human Centered Computing from the University of Florida’s Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering Department. I was a student in Dr. Juan Gilbert’s Human Experience Research Lab studying the interactions between Technology and Disability Justice.

I have over 10 years of industry experience in video game development, system design, and 3D modeling and animation. I have also taught undergraduate level coursework in game design, 3D modeling, animation, and storytelling.

I live in the Greater Lafayette, IN area, with my husband and three children.

Curriculum Vitae


Names and Housekeeping

Anna Vittone (given name, Industry work published under this name)

Anna Williams (married name, early student publications under this name)

Rua M. Williams (chosen name, soon to be legal, they/them, current publication name)

Wherever possible, please edit citations to use my chosen name. Thank you.