Meta-Data Filterable Quest Log

Designed in SCAD’s User Interaction course, the Meta-Data Filterable Quest Log system was created as a cathartic critique of the frustrating quest log bloat experienced in open world adventure games like Skyrim. I longed for a way to manage which quests I saw and prioritized in order to manage the constant influx of “go kill […]



Stranded was a game created for SCAD’s Game Design course. Developed in the Java Processing API, Stranded is a simple 2D adventure game where the player must use context clues in order to translate the alien language of their only surviving co-passenger, gather resources to keep each other safe, and signal for help. It is […]

Cinematic work for Monster Madness

Anna Vittone’s Monster Madness Cinematic Reel from Rua M. Williams on Vimeo. Featured Cinematic work for South Peak and Artificial Studios’s Xbox 360 title Monster Madness. I am responsible for all demonstrated camera work, animations, and visual effects. I am not responsible for the excessive film grain and vignette. ¬___¬