Virtual Symposia – Scrappy Style

This post outlines how organizers can quickly put together a virtual conference that offloads responsibility for individual sessions to the presenters (with guidelines and support for accessibility), and allows for fallback to less data intensive platforms if bandwidth does not support video in the moment. A future post will provide recommendations for which of the […]

Image of Rua Williams wearing a fedora, glasses, bow tie, and polka-dot shirt presenting in front of a screen that shows the first slide of the "Misfit Managed" presentation. Captions can be seen on both the top and bottom of the screen. The top captions are from Microsoft Translator and the bottom ones are from PowerPoint's built in captioning system.

Delivering Accessible Presentations

Oral presentations, whether at academic or industry conferences, guest speakers at organized events, or in the classroom, are inaccessible to many disabled people. People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing may not be able to fully understand an oral presentation. People who are Blind or have a visual impairment may not be able to […]

example poster, see link for accessible version

Guide to Making Accessible Research Posters

The traditional research poster presentation format is fairly inaccessible across a wide range of disabilities. Firstly, poster board aisles are often too narrow and crowded. This makes them unwelcoming to people who use mobility aids like wheelchairs or canes, and to people who have trouble in crowded and loud spaces such as Blind people, Deaf […]

Animated GIF showing use of the mobile fidget app

Mobile Fidget App

Android application featuring variable vibration haptic feedback developed to provide a discreet fidget for use by adults in public spaces. Final project for Dr. Ben Lok’s Spring 2017 CAP5100 Human Computer Interaction course. Final Presentation Slides This project eventually led to a publication which can be found here. Key Findings: There is no statistically significant […]

Frenetic Filing Character Designs and Animation

Educational Game: Frenetic Filing

Frenetic Filing was developed at Digital Worlds as part of the Gaming Against Plagiarism project. Players learn about multiple kinds of plagiarism and academic infractions, including data falsification and fabrication, in this fast-paced, retro-style arcade game. I was responsible for art and animation. Designed in collaboration with Jonathan Yuhas. [Flash plug-in required — yes, this […]

Overhead view of Roboro Veritas Maze. Initial holding area and destination

Roboro Veritas

“Good Morning, {Version 0.1.359-c}! This is your designated Science Officer, Dave Cliffson, speaking! Welcome to {Enhancement Verification Trial #14117}. The Purpose of this test is to determine the extent and effectiveness of your most recent {Enhancement Therapy Session #V-R29-b}. Ah, I see you have noticed {Positive Reinforcement Protocol #29} — Gouda! Well, you know what […]

Moonlight floods through the windows of the gallery which surround the room. Stairs wind up to a suspended gallery. Heat from the central magma well warms the room.

Gristfall Keep Power Complex

Nick-named “The Lotus of Everfell”, Gristfall Keep stands rooted within the peak of a dormant volcano. Heat from the bowls of the Byor Mountain Range’s vast magma chambers is siphoned through a series of boilers. Sluices pump super-heated water through the boilers into great steam pipeworks that function both as protection against the bitter cold […]

Composite image of final 3D model demonstrating turntable, poses, poly counts, and textures.

Amara Relis – Character Design

Amara Relis was my final project for SCAD’s Character Design Course. She is a mechanical engineer in a fascist dystopian future. She works to bring technology from the capital city to her farming community in the wilds. Amara Relis Turntable from Rua M. Williams on Vimeo.