Nick-named “The Lotus of Everfell”, Gristfall Keep stands rooted within the peak of a dormant volcano. Heat from the bowls of the Byor Mountain Range’s vast magma chambers is siphoned through a series of boilers. Sluices pump super-heated water through the boilers into great steam pipeworks that function both as protection against the bitter cold of Everfell Spire and as power for the keep’s complicated machinery. The Gristfall Keep Observatory provides 270 degrees of vantage over the sea and serves as a meeting hall, shipping monitor station, and astrological tracking platform.

Gristfall Keep Power Complex from Rua M. Williams on Vimeo.

3-part level designed for SCAD’s ITGM 721 Project B (Interactive Level). Made in UDK with models made in 3DS Max and textures made in Photoshop (with CGTextures source material). All models, final textures, shaders, Kismet, and FX are my own work (with the exception of the water and skybox featured at the end of this video which are stock UDK demo assets).