Designed in SCAD’s User Interaction course, the Meta-Data Filterable Quest Log system was created as a cathartic critique of the frustrating quest log bloat experienced in open world adventure games like Skyrim. I longed for a way to manage which quests I saw and prioritized in order to manage the constant influx of “go kill some bandits” “go kill some other more different bandits for other more different reasons” “also there’s some more bandits” “go kill a troll… he’s surrounded by bandits”.

The quest log system featured a robust meta-data tagging system that allowed for unique search sets to customize what kinds of quests remained visible to the player. I would have loved to be able to exclude all Daedric Quests in Skyrim, because it seemed I would collect them against my will! Developed in Unity3D version 4, the game requires a web player plug-in to run, which no longer works on most browsers.

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