Overhead view of Roboro Veritas Maze. Initial holding area and destination

Roboro Veritas

“Good Morning, {Version 0.1.359-c}! This is your designated Science Officer, Dave Cliffson, speaking! Welcome to {Enhancement Verification Trial #14117}. The Purpose of this test is to determine the extent and effectiveness of your most recent {Enhancement Therapy Session #V-R29-b}. Ah, I see you have noticed {Positive Reinforcement Protocol #29} — Gouda! Well, you know what […]

Moonlight floods through the windows of the gallery which surround the room. Stairs wind up to a suspended gallery. Heat from the central magma well warms the room.

Gristfall Keep Power Complex

Nick-named “The Lotus of Everfell”, Gristfall Keep stands rooted within the peak of a dormant volcano. Heat from the bowls of the Byor Mountain Range’s vast magma chambers is siphoned through a series of boilers. Sluices pump super-heated water through the boilers into great steam pipeworks that function both as protection against the bitter cold […]

Composite image of final 3D model demonstrating turntable, poses, poly counts, and textures.

Amara Relis – Character Design

Amara Relis was my final project for SCAD’s Character Design Course. She is a mechanical engineer in a fascist dystopian future. She works to bring technology from the capital city to her farming community in the wilds. Amara Relis Turntable from Rua M. Williams on Vimeo.

Cinematic work for Monster Madness

Anna Vittone’s Monster Madness Cinematic Reel from Rua M. Williams on Vimeo. Featured Cinematic work for South Peak and Artificial Studios’s Xbox 360 title Monster Madness. I am responsible for all demonstrated camera work, animations, and visual effects. I am not responsible for the excessive film grain and vignette. ¬___¬